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The project in detail

Ledson Construction Inc.,  the contractor/builder for the William W. Jahnke Residence brought the team of Artisan Asia to Kona, Hawaii., USA in regard to the production of unique interior and exterior artwork specified for this project which is being produced in Indonesia and also in regard to the post production technical issues involved in installing these on site.
The lot size in an area of one 1,8 acre. The building area itself covers 8000 square feet in Hawaii’s exclusive Four Seasons development in Hualalai, Kona. 
With such significant construction  15 carpenter on site, they had to put  flooring installation on hold as it is required that the stone panels be installed prior to the floor installation being completed. A 40 foot container with 120 wood crates is in transit and will arrive Kawaiihea.
Three of Artisan Asia’s limestone carvers had been requested to train and supervise the installation of this carved stone artwork in 6 different pavilions of the house. 
An additional person is requested who will be assigned specifically to supervise the “Glass Bar” assembly and installation in the Main House pavilion.
On-site Installation job at Kona, Hawaii, USA
Client: Walker & Moody Architects
Residence Proprietor: William & Patty Jahsnke
Contractor & Builder: Ledson Construction Inc.,
1. Stone Adhesive/Glue work
Artisan Asia’s Balinese artists are required to supervise and train our local Hawaiian installers to produce to proper composition of adhesive/glue material because our tradesmen do not have the necessary skills in working with this particular limestone material from Indonesia. Proper supervision and training of our local Hawaiian installers is essential to maintain the quality of the products and installation.
2.  Stone Panel Positioning
The stone panels are delicately carved on one side and must be placed by hand with the supervision of the Balinese stone carving artists  themselves, who produced the art pieces,  in order to ensure proper placement.
Each panels adhesive/glue process involves repetitive re-carving and re-sanding in order to fit properly in position. Some panels may need to be added. If carved areas arrive damaged, chipped or broken, they will need to be re-carved. It is essential in order for this to be done properly that our tradesmen have the proper supervision of the Balinese artists that created these works. This is a time consuming process as all work is being done by hand.
3.  Stone Filling Tasks
The mixing and composition of filling materials must be supervised by Balinese artist with the skills of producing the new synthetic stone per the Balinese method this filler will be used by our local installers to fill in holes and repair surfaces that may have been damaged, chipped or broken.
These stone carvings must be drilled and bolted to the wall. 
Client considered sending installers to Bali to be trained in the proper procedures but the number of installers and length of time needed to do this training makes it impractible to do so. It is much more efficient to have their artist come here to provide direct supervision to  local tradesmen.
4.  Glass Bar Counter
One of the artists of Artisan Asia (CV Sinta Ganetri) has produced a glass bar in Bali which is being shipped in numerous pieces. Our installers will need his assistance to properly identify which pieces go where and how they are to be assembled. We are completely unfamiliar with the methods used to produce this art glass bar and our local workers require the artists supervision to properly assamble and install it.