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Hawaii, USA

Client considered sending installers to Bali to be trained in the proper procedures but the number of installers and length of time needed to do this training makes it impractible to do so. It is much more efficient to have their artist come here to provide direct supervision to  local tradesmen.

– Limestones Half-Cyclinder “Bamboo Forest” wall carving
– Limestones main entrance  “Hawaiian” wall carving
– Limestones carving wall panels for all Bathrooms
– Limestones carving outdoor garden lanterns
– Glass stacked bar counters
Glass Bar Counter
One of the artists of Artisan Asia (CV Sinta Ganetri) has produced a glass bar in Bali which is being shipped in numerous pieces. Our installers will need his assistance to properly identify which pieces go where and how they are to be assembled. We are completely unfamiliar with the methods used to produce this art glass bar and our local workers require the artists supervision to properly assamble and install it.
Client: Walker & Moody Architects
Residence Proprietor: William & Patty Jahsnke
Contractor & Builder: Ledson Construction Inc.,