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Naga Putih

A stunning new architecturally designed residence that provides all aspects of modern living and facilities.

Featuring locally made designs such as the heavenly comfortable beds, uber-stylish chairs and tiled-bathroom walls, the Australian couple owners commissioned Artisan Asia, to allow their villa’s guests to truly experience the beauty of Indonesian’s craftsmanship firsthand.

Well-curated selection of beautiful old Java carving wall panels, Java antique coffee tables, daybeds and elaborate traditional Java wood carving door entrance and other stylish interior bits and pieces such as velvet cushions uniquely made for Villa Naga Putih throughout the bedrooms and living area.

The projects brings Artisan Asia in yet another collaboration with Pesamuan Ceramic. A Bali-based handmade ceramic company. Bringing their skills, technology & design capability to the forefront of modern architectural ceramics.

All production processes are by hand – from producing the tile , decoration & glazing . Each tile to be a handcrafted work, an art piece in itself with no two tiles looking exactly the same. When installed they create an illusion, a modulation in both tone & texture. As featured in all the villa’s bathrooms.

Client: John Robinson & Claudia Esau
Where: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
What: 3000 m2 on 3 floors

Artisan Asia’s Products Highlights

  • Handmade painted tiles ceramics from Pesamuan Ceramic, Bali
  • All wood furnitures, specially designed for semi-outdoor seating using reclaimed teak wood
  • Interior and exteriors vanity, cabinets, handrails
  • Leather sofas and ceiling brass hanging lamps fixtures
  • Upcycled Table Lamps and Timor masks furnishings