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Flatiron Meets Bali In This New York Loft By Matiz Architecture

Matiz Architecture & Design (MAD) have designed the renovation of a family style loft apartment in New York they named ‘Flatiron Loft meets Bali’ .
MAD renovated a 1,900 sq. ft. family style loft located in the Flatiron neighborhood.
From regular visits to Bali the family hired Artisan Asia to produce sustainable and eco-friendly products. This lead to a very exciting project using 80 pcs of used (basically trash) old cookies containers, mounted vertically in the living room.

Reclaimed railway sleepers made into, bed frame, kitchen tables, and dining tables. Teak branches molded in resin as Coffee Table. Organic Fabric covered Sofas.

Clay ceramics inlaid on kitchen floor, petrified wood floating desk in the bathroom and many others.

The tone was influenced by Balinese craft juxtaposed with the Industrial style of New York City
The lofty open floor plan connects the living room, den, dining area and kitchen providing functionality and comfort for the family lifestyle.

Flatiron Apartment, Flatiron, New York City
Designer: Matiz Architecture & Design (MAD)
Client: Bertrand Lemont
Where: Flatiron, New York
What: 1,900 total square feet on one floor

Artisan Asia’s Products Highlights
Reclaimed Cookie Containers as wall decors. Used as containers for crackers, they had gone upcycled as a funky modern decors .

  • Reclaimed ironwood bed frames, kitchen and dining tables and vanity. Wood were once used as wharves and rainway sleepers, sustained as beautiful furnitures.
  • Hand painted ceramic, inlays on kitchen floors
  • Teak branches molded in resin, Coffee Tables.