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ARTISAN ASIA’s roles and responsibilities are to source the products with the best and most creative manufacturers, liaise with the manufacturers and/or suppliers, place the orders, arrange payment schedules, monitor the production process, communicate with clients and suppliers as required, report on the production progress, inspect and collect the finished goods, and supervise cargo pick-ups and all necessary shipping preparations.

When required, Artisan Asia also can supervise the labelling, marking and/or hang-tag attachments.

ARTISAN  ASIA roles are to inspect, QC (Quality Control assurance) and report on the quality of goods to ensure that they comply with the pre-determined standards.

Artisan Asia reports to client to request, every findings for goods fall below the required standards, so that necessary  actions can be taken.

Being born and raised Indonesian, we are very familiar with working in Indonesian’s work-approach. 

Our team of craftsmen adhere to the highest standard of manufacturing and finishing and all their furniture is quality controlled during fabrication, finishing and packaging.
In cases where an urgent decision is required, Artisan Asia will take into consideration all known facts and make a decision whether to accept or reject the product and advise the client accordingly.

As best as possible, Artisan Asia performs as your eyes and ears, helping to make sound decisions on your investments.
In all cases, we will endeavor to give detailed information on any products deemed to be suspect, before accepting or rejecting the products.

Artisan Asia inspects every single product prior to final payment at every single manufacturer..

Whilst every effort is made to find all flaws, Artisan Asia can not be held responsible for manufacturing flaws, errors in coloration, size of variations of production errors, considering that most of the products sourced in Indonesia are unique for its handmade qualities.

Production estimates vary according to volume of goods and variety of suppliers. 6 to 8 weeks production leading time is generally required. For detail on your specific production times for your products, please email to artisan.asia@yahoo.com

Nothing is too small or too big. There is no minimum order.

Production estimates are based on the time from final approval and a deposit secured, to the time when the order is ready for shipment.
The goods will immediately processed after we have received a deposit.. The price may be altered depending on any circumstance.
No cancellations are accepted once the orders have been confirmed or made.

Artisan Asia requires 50% deposit upon receipt of all orders.
Final payment prior to completion of goods. Order will only commence once funds have cleared into the Artisan Asia’s account.
Goods will be inspected and collected only once the balance of funds have cleared into Artisan Asia’s account.
The remaining balance must be paid in full before the shipment.

Payment can be made by Telegraphic Transfer (TT) to our multiple currency bank account. Every incomings transfers in either US$, A$, S $, C$, HK $ or EURO – will be automatically converted into IDR (Indonesian Rupiah,) based on our Bank’s exchange rate of the day. The exact IDR amount received is the the exact sum used against all invoicing.

We arrange professional packing and shipping services for your bulky items. All cargo shipments are calculated per cubic meter and charged in US dollars. All shipments are by sea unless otherwise requested.

We curenly work with 3 companies in Bali that are affiliated with the MTG Network offering customs brokerage services worldwide, with over 360 offices in 86 countries.
On your departure from Bali you will be given a summary of your purchases and details of our customs agent in your country or region. They will contact you when goods arrive. You may of course contact Bali direct at any time during the shipping process.

Some countries impose a goods and services tax (GST) on imported items. In some cases, import duty is payable on some items. Insurance is payable on all goods and is calculated at 2.5% of the invoice value.

EMS (Express Mail Service) Postal Shipment from Indonesia
We also assist postal shipment using TNT, FedEx, DHL etc to other countries.

Our fees are based on 10% of the invoice. Different commission structures may apply for bigger wholesale purchases or continuous inventory stock-lot purchases. Prices shown are directly from suppliers / manufacturers in official invoices.

Artisan Asia can also assist with company’s branding, packaging, and /or labeling. Very affordable hangtags, business cards, shopping bags, and promotion materials can easily be sourced in Indonesia.

Artisan Asia offers Sourcing Trips in Bali at US$ 90 per day for a maximum of 6 hrs including vehicle, driver and merchandiser’s assistances. Max guests 4 people.