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AvroKo the restaurant design powerhouse in NYC, drops this lovely nugget of restaurant branding and interior goodness. Starting with the brand, Socialito has a fun, nostalgic name and the identity follows suit. With old-fashioned, classic type and graphic treatments, the restaurant’s brand identity creates a warm, approachable vibe that’s carried out through the experience.

The interiors are a mish-mash of different materials and elements from corrugated metals in the front, diner-like area, to beautifully crafted Javanese teak wood accoutrements in the restaurant area in the back. It’s an excellent way of melding many experiences under one roof.

Artisan Asia’s commissioned our skilled wood carvers roof We save every pieces of seasoned wood from old wood homes, and discarded furnitures. In our small way we are preserving the cultural heritages from many regions in Indonesia. Designed by New York’s based AvroKO, the interior matches urban-cosmo lighting artworks from Mexican artisans and all wood panels throughout the space is carved by Javanese wood carvers.

Designer: AvroKo, NYC, NY
Client: Buzz Concepts
Where: Wyndham Road, Hong Kong

Artisan Asia’s Products Highlights

  • 4 Javanese floral patterns teak wood hand-carved panels .

  • The main entrance uses reclaimed old Java incorporates Mexican brass studs patterns

  • Outter framing mirrors made from reclaimed Java teak wood handcarved